Dimensional Connection – re-experience the source of the Healing Energy

 Dimensional Connection is one of the essential mind-body features of the human race. We can call it a pure Alchemy of the time.
While NO magic, philosophy or spirituality needed, “D” Connection is the gradual, yet gentle remodeling of the mind’s beliefs and body’s restrictions into pure Awareness. It is a part of the universal memory, waiting to be released and expanded in its limitless possibilities. 
“D” Connection is a unique, step by step process of drawing the awareness from the High consciousness, down to the earth, straight into the physical body as well as into the mind’s structure, which relaxes physical tensions, mind obstacles, emotional desires or possible illness.
However, it is hard to say that “D” Connection is another technique or even a method. More likely, it is either inborn awareness or inherent knowledge which is not a part of the Knowledge accessible in this world. Despite that, we all have it, hidden in our complete DNA structure.
The main intention of utilizing the Dimensional connection as an extremely effective and simple process is to encourage people, especially those with a busy or skeptical mind to become a triple “A”:
“Attentive”, “Alert” and “Aware”.
Without developing these three, the most important qualities of the fully awakened person, the High consciousness, along with the emotional intelligence, cannot be enhanced.
In simple words, one should become fully aware and sensitive, to be able to understand deeply how our body & mind structure works, by the side of the limitless potential which we truly have.
Using the “D” Connection as one of the tools available through the Universal knowledge assists with the personal process of the multidimensional remodeling of oneself.
As a result, “D” Connection melts the walls among the different dimensions of the human’s existence on demand.
This prepares us to experience the immense intuition and to receive as much healing vibration as our body is able to process at the time. But the most important task is nurturing the cellular and the DNA structure, with high vibrating particles of the purple and/or brilliant white rays of light.
The basic, yet effective procedure, which compounds Mind and Body exercises, powerful energetic techniques,  gentle massage and precise breathing patterns with  specific fascia movements, have more then enough power to alleviate the core of the obstacles, such as  negative imprints, self destroying beliefs, impact of stress, hormonal imbalance, lack of energy or life motivation, anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, relationship and family issues, illness, etc.
“D” Connection  gives us the opportunity to enter the inner space, hence confidently use the vast dimension of self renovation, rejuvenating and healing.
However, entering to the other, also beautiful dimensions of the reality itself assists on the path of one’s personal metamorphosis and enables to fulfill the infinite seeking for happiness, freedom, love and self realization.

“D” Connection principle
Knowing oneself means to become authentic at the same time as using the most effective, yet simple “D” Connection principles without any emotional disturbance, religious decrees, symbols and magical tools.
Awareness is the Key. It gives us the access to experience the Dimensional Connection in reality.
The most famous physicist of our time, Nikola Tesla said:
“If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
With this approach in the heart, we can easily penetrate deeper, understanding the principles of relieving the tensions or obstacles which belong to the past, as well as melting the desires which are a part of the future only.

 Dimensional Connection’s codes

There are many different segments of “D” Connection with a focus on the physical, emotional and mental body.  I am convinced that the concept which I’ve attuned to and have been practicing myself, as well as with my clients for more then 25 years is a part of the Universal knowledge. 
“D” Connection in practice is a concept of easy body movements, conscious breathing manipulation, gentle massage of the particular body parts, as well as balancing One’s electromagnetic field in addition to implanting the particular light frequency straight into the cellular and expanded DNA structure.

The basic Dimensional Connection’s codes which think in terms of the energy, frequency and vibration are:

> A unique breathing pattern, to manage the emotional layers and to alleviate the activity of the monkey mind.

> The explicit work out of the precisely selected face muscles, to manage the stress levels in the whole body and to reverse the aging process.

> Let Go© exercises, to relieve the toughest obstacles on one’s path, which are locked inside the pelvic skeleton muscular region, in the heart of the basic chakra, and on the top of that, imprinted with the rigid beliefs and muscular tensions.

> Advanced fascia manipulation, to direct the activity of the brain and nervous system.

> Invocation of the selected particles of light, to increase the vibration on the cellular level and activate the whole DNA structure.

> Specific massage movements, to attract the healing frequency through the infinite activation of the heart channel.

As a result, we’ll become immediately perceptive and at least gradually, fully Attentive, Alert and Aware, through the rejuvenating energy, awakened healer, as well as the dimensional traveler from the inside out.
“D” Connection through the Weekend workshop

To experience and practice “D” Connection in reality you’re welcome to join us on a weekend workshop, which will completely resettle the inactive subconscious and conscious parts of our being as well as reconnecting us to the always present “High C” – our High Consciousness.
Lectures and exercises presented under Andrejka’s experienced guidance will be held in a positive and healing atmosphere which radiates around her. Andrejka’s Knowledge, Years of experience high level of awareness, sensitivity and compassion enable her therapy to penetrate into the deepest levels of one’s consciousness.
 Andrejka is inherently attuned with two, extremely powerful rays of light, which appears in her Aura constantly and have been measured in 1998, on a superior level at Bio Salus institute – The Scientific institute, researching application of Bio-radiation, Torino, Italy. The Ruby ray of healing and transformation and brilliant white ray of light, works on complete reactivation of body’s cellular and DNA structure. Both together, present a powerful generator in bringing the New Energy for healing, transmutation and arising awareness.  Her unique approach is in drawing the light’s power through the constant flame in her heart in addition to radiate it through the service of Meditation, the Dimensional Connection, Advanced Physiotherapy practice, Healing and teaching.

 Attending Andrejka’s workshop we’ll benefit together in order to experience expanded awareness, health and wellbeing. To become truly familiar with the High C and our heart channel’s vibration she’ll share with you today’s essential surviving tools. United in Universal Consciousness, Planet’s vibration and holistic positive approach, we are able to pass all the dimensions of our reality, through our own metamorphosis.
(The 8th ray, The Ruby Ray by lord –  Master Maha Chohan. The basic attribute of the eight Ruby Ray is the quality of peace and inner light, attained as a consequence of understanding and accepting the truth, only after the previous total consecration and dedication, wholeness, synthesis and integration.)


2 thoughts on “Dimensional Connection – re-experience the source of the Healing Energy

  1. Dear Yvonne,
    Thank you. The article “Wings of Love in the Body Temple” is amazing. It explains scientificaly, how I feel connected with my body and also how and when “Dimensional connection can happen. I can’t explain, how do I know that, but I was always very aware that something important must going on between the pineal and pituitary gland, related on our heart area and coccyx area.
    When I was “recieving the instructions” for Dimensional connection, the voice told me to ask my hands to show me the particular body regions and related exercises in order to reactivate Christ golden Light and arising vibration.
    But the most interesting thing is triggering of the trigeminus nerve, which is one of the most important exercises in Dimensional Connection.

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon,


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